I'm Tod Fox, and I created ToddlerTwerkout because I absolutely love playing and working out with my two toddlers.  It makes them laugh, me laugh, and to top it off, I get really fit!  A light bulb went off in my head in late 2015, that I typically do about 5 different, 2-minute workouts with my daughters almost every day, and that's definitely part of why I stay so fit.  They love dancing with me, which is quite the calorie burner, but we also do workouts like the toddler bench press and the toddler push-up.  My oldest daughter can't stop laughing when we play like this, and it's probably the happiest part of each and every day.

There are so many self-help, fitness, and get happy videos and books out there, but I think many miss the mark.  Want to be happy and fit?  Get off of your phone/TV/computer, and play with your toddler with one of the techniques I can show you in my videos or in my book.  

I recommend 3-6 sessions per day of 2-minute workouts with your toddler which amounts to only 6-12 minutes!  What could be better (besides the Packers being in the Super Bowl, of course)?